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Tips for Designing Wall Calendars

Tips for Designing Wall Calendars

Design Ideas

Wall calendars also function as wall decor, so bright and stylish designs are most appealing. Feel free to choose vivid hues as the gloss finish offered at eprintfast will enhance colours. For optimal brand recognition, create similar designs throughout your marketing material, including smaller postcard calendars and monthly event calendars.


For a clean design, it is best to choose one large image per month. Select a high resolution photo that is preferably related to your industry. If you are a real estate agent, for example, you may wish to include photos of beautiful properties. Feel free to use your promotional photos or look through stock collections.


Although wall calendar printing may seem intimidating for first time designers, our calendar template guide will ensure you create the right amount of pages with the correct orientation.


An easy way to create a consistent wall calendar is to use the same calendar chart design throughout. Using the same template and typeface for each month, you can simply adjust the dates as needed. You can also include a small calendar for the following year on the outside back cover.