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Have an X frame banner design you already use and love? Then upload it right here to ePrintFast and we will handle the rest.

Product Details:

Product Details

X-frame banners from eprintfast are printed on 10 oz. vinyl with a matte finish. These full colour banners are single-sided, and include the option for an X-frame stand. Our reinforced fiberglass X-frame stands with plastic joints have rubber feet that protects flooring.

Tips for Designing X-Frame Banners

Tips for Designing X-Frame Banners


The matte finish offered at eprintfast avoids glare, so your X-frame banner will look good even under bright lighting. Use colour to make it stand out. Background and font colours are easy ways to include company colour schemes, but be aware that light tones may not be clear from a far.

Eye Level Design

Keep in mind that the audience will notice the top half of your custom X-frame banner first, so place your company name and slogan at eye level. Then, design from left-to-right and top-to-bottom because the audience will likely read in this direction.

Trade Show Displays

With their convenient foldable frame, X-frame banners are a great option for storefronts, events and trade show displays. Set your X-frame banner alongside coordinating hanging banners and display boards to impress your audience.

Contact Details

Besides websites and phone numbers, consider including professional social media accounts on your banner as well. Social media helps keep your audience update regularly, and you will have more ways to contact your clients.