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Special instruction

Special instruction

  • - Must be addressed admail
  • - Quantity of address data must match the quantity ordered
  • - Address area must meet Canada Post guidelines. Refer to the Set up Guides
  • - Addresses must be 95% of above valid
  • - Direct mail pieces will be submitted to Canada Post for approval. Direct mail artwork will not proceed into production until we receive approval from Canada Post.

  • Each Direct Mail job should consist of two files:
  • - A static PDF (artwork)
  • - Excel file containing your address data production until we receive approval from Canada Post. Click here for setup guides.
  • - Download Excel file here.
Tips for Enveloped Addressed Postcards

Tips for Enveloped Addressed Postcards

Clear Headlines

Limit the amount of text to avoid a cluttered design. Bold headlines and subheadings will help you express your main message clearly. Then, refer readers to your website or your store where they can learn more. If you would like to provide customers more detailed information, choose Enveloped & Addressed Brochure Printing.

Contact Information

Ensure that customers can contact you through your phone number and website. If your business is a brick-and-mortar, include the address. A small map is a great option for local businesses.


Follow up the special offer on your enveloped addressed postcard with a call-to-action. Encourage customers to contact you immediately.

Target Audience

If the recipients are prior customers, then feature products or services that they are most interested in. Include information about your bestsellers or new products to entice customers.