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Using Stickers and Labels to Improve Your Brand

While they can be relatively small, the power of stickers and labels in advertising should not be underestimated. Here are some reasons why these items can work wonders in getting the word out about your business.

Stickers and labels can be applied to almost any business as an advertising tool, in terms of representing company operations, highlighting a specific campaign, or featuring your company's logo.

For those concerned with going overboard in terms of their marketing budget, stickers and labels are cheap to produce and easy to manufacture in large quantities. They also hold the added feature of noticeability, as long as a visually compelling or attractive design is in place.

Stickers and labels can be used as a tool for free promotion in certain industries. Including them with a customer shipment as a free token of appreciation encourages the receiver to not only consider making future orders, but also make the effort to display your brand.

Whether affixed to their personal belongings or left in a public place where they are sure to be seen, this grassroots mentality can help to organically build word-of-mouth, and let the your potential audience essentially advertise for you!

For any campaign that uses a myriad of print-based advertising such as large signage and posters, consider involving stickers and labels through every step to occupy a small-scale approach working in tandem with a larger one. The added benefit comes through enabling a range of creativity and specialization as possible, in a way that wouldn't be as feasible for a standard advertising campaign with regards to size and pricing.


Bottom line - stickers and labels are fairly low risk items, which when handled and distributed right can be incredibly effective, thanks to their display of unique colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

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