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Using Postcards to Promote Your Business

Postcards can make for a great and unique way to promote your business, brand blog, or upcoming event. They work extremely well for businesses used to having a greater amount of traffic and sales around the holidays, as a way of expanding promotion and awareness.

Postcards have a greater chance of being read than any other type of mail, especially when compared to flyers or brochures. If you see a postcard sitting in your mailbox, you instantly assume that someone has sent you that postcard because they wanted to send you a message. This means you’re much more likely to pick up the postcard and take note of whatever is on there. It can work much better than conventional types of printed marketing using flyers and brochures.

It is also a good strategy to consider targeting specific geographic locations or audience groups to ensure your messaging is not only heard, but receives a response. You should figure out just who would be the best audience for your business’s promotions early on before identifying how you aim to appeal to their wants and needs.

The amount of clutter the average person receives in their email inbox can be too much to take for some. As such, the response rate for physical mail promotions has become much more prominent over its digital counterpart, with many believing print marketing to be the most trustworthy of all channels currently out there.

This is where postcard marketing comes in handy. Not only are they cost efficient, but they have a greater rate of response than the average letter due to the fact that there’s no envelope to account for, and the message can be clearly read right from first sight.

To make your postcard marketing campaign go even further, you can include a discount with the postcard – “Bring this postcard with you and save 20% on your next order” – this is a great way to help make the postcard more memorable, people are much more likely to remember something if it benefits them.

There are a number of good reasons to work with a dedicated printing company to ensure your postcard marketing efforts are successful.  Take a look at what eprintfast has to offer below!

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