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Tips to Plan Your Office Holiday Party (with Infographic)

The annual office holiday party is a great way to end the year and let everyone in the workplace know their efforts are appreciated, but planning them can be daunting and intimidating.

While there are fun aspects to them, there are various details to deal with and stay on top of, which can be stressful if you're not a professional planner.

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed this season, don't worry. Here are some steps to consider to ensure your office holiday party goes off without a hitch.

Go into project mode

Start off just as you would with any other project or task. Create a spreadsheet or even use a notebook for the planning process. From the first meeting to the big event itself, you should be updating your progress, keeping watch on which members of your team are intending on making an appearanceĀ and organizing actionable items as the deadline looms.

Categorize your initiatives

All of your to-do's should be organized from a categorical perspective. Attendees, the venue itself, and food are usually the top priorities to consider. You may also want to include decor, gifts (such as if your office is participating in a Secret Santa style of event), entertainment, and other activities depending on what your budget allows for, and the company culture as well.

Brainstorm each aspect

To get a good idea of how everything will fall into place, do some cursory research online and compile images, links, and other elements that can provide inspiration for your efforts.

Crunch the numbers

Your budget will dictate what can be done reasonably, from the venue to what drinks and food will be served. It's essential to have this element down pat before getting into any other details.

Confirm your venue and date

If you have a certain venue in mind and know it will be busy for them this time of the year with booking other events, you may need to see about an alternate date for your party, as well as obtaining rental quotes from second and third choice venues.

Make your attendee list (and check it twice)

It won't be a party without people, so make sure your invitations go out in a timely manner. Whether you're inviting people through email or an online method, or handing out personal invites, you should be tracking RSVPs, their respective guests, and whether or not last minute/no response guests need to be followed up with for a definite answer.

After the party

Once the party has been held and everyone has recovered, be sure to see about posting good quality photos and videos from the event so that attendees can remember and think fondly with happy memories. Keep note of your receipts and invoices as they will surely be important later on. Also for the future, make a list of key learnings and suggestions that could be implemented for your next big event.

Most offices will be having their holiday parties in the next few weeks, but don't delay! There's still time to check all your boxes and make sure that everything you need is available.

Do you have any additional party planning tips that you would recommend? Be sure to leave us a comment in the section below.

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