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Tips for Getting Your Work Space Organized

It seems that the winter season is finally nearing its end. With spring being right around the corner, now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and get your work space into great shape.

Having a clean and organized work space is a key element to remaining productive. By implementing these tricks, hopefully you will be inspired to approach your daily tasks at hand in a much more effective way.

Have an accessible calendar

It’s good to have a digital calendar freely available on your computer or mobile device, but keeping one on your desk itself that can be viewed at all times can serve as a better reminder for those major upcoming dates or deadlines. eprintfast offers a great selection of custom calendars that will surely help you fit that need!

Having a desk calendar is key to staying organized

Clean up loose wires

Any wires you have laying around your desk should be neatly wrapped and hidden away as best as they can - leading to more free surface space and a cleaner look.

Strive for minimalism

Is your desk full of office supplies you never use? External clutter often leads to turmoil and stress. Try to limit the number of trinkets, desk toys, and unnecessary items you have lying around. While it’s nice to have these things as an added touch of personalization, having too many can lead to a cluttered appearance, not to mention allow for dust to build if you are not regularly cleaning. By taking the time to organize this way, it will help you feel better in a big way.

Add some plants or greenery

Plants in the work environment often a number of substantial benefits. Not only are you bringing some of the outside in, creating a more vibrant and pleasing inner area, keeping plants around has shown to help reduce carbon dioxide, pollutants and airborne dust levels. Not only that, they can help reduce sickness and stress in many individuals, leading to a more energized sense of self and creative focus.

The one-at-a-time approach

This has more to do with how you approach your work ethic, but once you have completed a major task, it is vital that any and all associated files or documents are stored away or discarded, before you move onto tackling the next one. This will not only make your desk more clear, but it can lead to a better sense of achievement as you move through the day.

Keep food away from your desk

In some cases, you may feel compelled to have a snack or even take your whole lunch break at your desk. This may seem like an effective use of time, but if you do not properly clean up after yourself, it can appear messy and unprofessional, especially if clients or co-workers see your leftover garbage lying around.

Clean out your garbage often

Do not let your waste accumulate in your work space for a few days - get rid of it completely when you have the first opportunity to. This will help reinforce a focused mindset and reduce complacency. By sticking to a firm cleaning schedule, it will be so much easier to keep your area neat and organized.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a clean office? Let us know in the comment section below!

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