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The Top Business Card Trends for 2018

When it comes to meeting potential clients or networking, having a business card, the most important piece of paper on hand, is the perfect strategy to get your name into their hands.

In order to get ready for the year ahead, here are some suggestions for what to include on your business card, in terms of outlook and content, to ensure that you are prepared for whatever comes your way in the professional world.

A Simple Design

Business cards are meant for informing the receiver about your company’s business and how to contact them. Most business cards feature a phone number, email address, website URL, etc. as a point of contact. How you choose to include these elements should be done in the most simple, straightforward, yet engaging way possible.

A simple graphic design means the potential customer's eye should focus on the details immediately without having their attention move into a different direction. In 2018, the trend is to  avoid overly fancy designs with lots of imagery or text, and keep the card within a minimalist outlook.

However, simplicity does not mean the card should lack  style. Style is necessary, but it should not overshadow contact information and your company's branding.

Include Branding Elements

A business card design should have a simple look that can display your contact details quickly for the recipients. But it is equally as important to ensure that the recipient also receives information about your brand. Consider featuring symbols, imagery, and colors  that are in line with your company's other marketing materials. In addition, be sure to align these elements with the white space on your card, so that the important details are immediately visible to the reciever.

Big Typeface

Use of bigger typeface that dominates the card space is also a trend in 2018. Big typeface immediately draws the attention of the viewers to the company name and a tagline. It clearly pronounces your name or company, whichever you prefer, and helps start things off on an identifiable point.

Witty Symbols and Phrases

While many professionals will want their card to indicate a sense of seriousness, there's no harm in injecting a bit of humor into your card. It can make your card receiver feel a sense of kindness and warmth, as well as excitement. Adding a witty statement or pun about your company or title will make your business card design more attractive, and make you seem more approachable should the card receiver decide to contact you in the future.

Which trends do you think are more noticeable? Share your thoughts with us.

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