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Taking a Break from Your Business For The Holidays

Are you planning on taking a break during the upcoming holiday season? It's a lot easier said than done. With a mountain of various tasks and objectives to complete before the end of the year, it can be extremely taxing on small business owners to get where they want to be before the new year sets in.

With that in mind, if you can keep yourself focused and organized from now until then, you can definitely enjoy taking a break from the office. Here we have provided some helpful tips to consider in preparing for some time off.

#1: Let people know ahead of time

Be sure to communicate to your customers and clients when you will be away from the office before doing anything else, whether via email or by a voicemail message. In addition, let people in your office know as well through putting up signs or notices around your work station.

#2: Leave a message

With a bit of planning, you can now coordinate many tasks to ensure your business runs efficiently while you’re relaxing.

Staying connected doesn’t mean you need to answer every call you receive. Record a voicemail message explaining your terms of availability, and ask callers to leave a message.

Don’t forget to set your email client to feature the same information while you’re out. Although obvious, its easy to overlook when in a rush, and can be a huge lifesaver for what can or cannot be done during the time your business is closed.

#3: Utilize automation

Automation is key for retaining some type of presence when away from the office. For starts, feature a special message on your social media accounts to reminder followers that you'll be away for some time. If you'd like to continue marketing your business during this time, however, use tools like Hootsuite to plan your posts in advance so that they are still being received by followers.

#4: Save on energy

Holidays are expensive, and on top of that, returning home to find you have a massive energy bill can be taxing. Remember to turn off your computer, monitor, and any other peripherals like printers, scanners and shredders. Also don't forget to double-check your thermostat, as there's no real use in heating your workstation if no one is there!

#5: Consider a break from technology and devices

If you know that your customers and suppliers are taking time off to celebrate a public holiday and your workload permits it, consider taking a break from digital. You will feel a lot more relaxed not having to constantly worry about notifications going off every other moment of the day!

#6: Enjoy yourself and return refreshed!

When work takes up the majority of your daily life, it's common for your personal life to experience drawbacks. By taking a break at the holidays, you can use the time to reflect on yourself and where you can improve in several respects, as well as gain perspective on what you aim to provide from a business perspective.

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