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Social Media Tips for the Holidays

There's a very good chance that your social media following will be active throughout the holiday season, which is only a few weeks away at this point.
The impact of social media on customer buying habits cannot be neglected - half of holiday shoppers are influenced by online marketing in popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Whether its shopping for gift ideas, analyzing reviews and recommendations, or even putting together a wish list, social media can be utilized by businesses to further their sales during the biggest shopping period of the entire year.
To aid you in your efforts, here are our best practices to consider for using social media to your benefit in the weeks to come.

Develop a schedule for content and promotions

If you want customers to get excited about your business, you need to create energy and enthusiasm around it in the first place. The best way to do that is with a plan that extends throughout the ensuing month, featuring attainable goals and specific types of content that will be featured on each of your channels.
Scheduling in advance will help you to not only balance your time, but use it to engage with customers once your messaging takes effect and creates conversation. Consider writing articles and posts for specific channels that relate best to the audience they cater to, and choose times to post them when your readership is most active. By doing this now, you're saving yourself a lot of stress once holiday fever takes full effect.

Create special holiday advertisements

When it comes to doing posts about your products, it is always important to be thoughtful of how you utilize certain tactics. Driving interactions with your followers should be your primary focus, with product displays taking up a secondary role. Remember to use high quality photos for your products and consider using colors and imagery of the season to make them festively appropriate.

Offer exclusive promotions to your social media audience

If you have it in your budget, consider creating social ads related to holiday promotions that only followers of your networks can see. In addition to being a seasonal based advertising, it can help to gauge the relationship between you and your customers, as you will be giving them a certain discount or deal that others are not privy to. In many cases, even a small discount can do wonders in acting as the incentive for a customer to click 'buy', and many will appreciate the idea of saving especially if the product in question is something they were already planning on purchasing.

Give back to your community

For many it is the season of giving, so why not organize something to show your followers that you really care? A great way to do this is by donating to a charity or organization, as many customers tend to choose supporting brands that make charitable causes a major concern of theirs.
Another great way to do this is by organizing a prize draw or giveaway - customers will love the possibility of winning something special, and it's also an amazing way to boost engagement. Whether asking for photo submissions or simply using a unique hashtag, doing this will improve concentration on your brand and reduce the impediment between you and the customer.

In short, it is important to plan out in advance how you will be catering to your audience at this special time. Clearly outline your goals now, and see how successful you were in achieving them once the season is over. It can make a massive difference to your sense of success, and even foster new relationships for the year ahead!
If you have any other tips for best social media practices for the holidays, let us know in the comment section below!

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