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Now Is The Right Time To Get Lawn Signs

In only a few more weeks, spring will be in full swing, making it a perfect time to get Lawn Signs for your business ready for the months ahead.
Lawn Signs can function as effective advertisements for your business, especially when attracting local audiences. They are mainstays of marketing for realtors, political campaigns, and local businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar.
eprintfast offers Lawn Signs made from durable corrugated plastic that has what it takes to withstand all types of weather conditions - including rain, sleet, and snow.
Here are our suggestions for implementing Lawn Signs into your marketing mix:

Making an Impact

Regardless of what type of business you operate, Lawn Signs will make you attractive to the neighborhoods in your area first and foremost; the best area to gauge customers when starting out. A way to enhance this strategy is by utilizing custom Door Hangers alongside your Lawn Signs for added visibility. This will make it that much easier for recommendations to come your way.


In most cases, the most ideal size for Lawn Signs boils down to the audience you are attempting to market to . Smaller sizes will be great for foot traffic, but if you want to catch the eye of people driving around the area, you should consider signs that are at least 24" wide.


In terms of designing the informational component of your Lawn Signs, the messaging should be fairly straightforward. Foreground your business name, type of work, and contact information above everything else. Regardless of the content featured, it is key to implement bold, simple typefaces that can be read from a distance.

Special Events

Lawn Signs don't have to be limited to merely business promotion - they can be a great way to announce or promote more personal types of events such as birthdays, anniversaries and parties. If you are hosting a large party on your premises, lawn signs will help your guests to locate your address - as an added bonus, they can be more effective, visible and professional than a simple printed poster.

For all of your Lawn Sign needs, be sure to look at what eprintfast has to offer below!

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