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How to Design Eye-Catching Business Cards


The digital world and services like LinkedIn and Google+ have become major in connecting with industry personnel, but the power of having a business card in-person should not be discouraged.


For the creatively minded, a business card is the best resource for getting the word out for their brand and expanding their client base. Even if digital marketing serves a larger base, a business card is still more effective at maintaining trust and a personal connection, which should not be discounted.


It's because of this that the way your business card looks and even feels is so important. Putting a lot of thought into the way your business card looks and presents vital information is essential in making a surefire impression. The majority of business cards use the same white card stock and lettering, so why not try and stand out from the pack by undertaking a different approach, that will really make yourself memorable? By creating a unique design, incorporating your brand colours and, using an upgraded stock you can rest assured your business card will remain atop the pile.


A well thought out design will in turn say a lot about your brand, not to mention your character. Think of the business card as a way of making a strong first impression - the way in which your operations are promoted and displayed in a contextual fashion. It also serves as a gateway point for the eventual forming of a larger conception over time.


Creativity is a fundamental aspect. Depending on what line of work you are in, you may be in a unique position to utilize the fullest aspects of your creativity. In these cases, designing something truly memorable can go a long way towards creating a lasting, meaningful impression. For starters, a custom paper size in addition to a unique design can be utilized.


This example from Jenn David Design shows how you can use unique size and color in your card.

When designing for a business-centric mentality, it is important to balance visual intrigue alongside the idea you are trying to get across to the receiver. For instance, a graphic designer's card should implement a unique or colorful look incorporating a certain pattern or placement of shapes. If your line of work is a specific one, you can even go a step further and incorporate a facet of it into the design - an effective way to keep yourself on the customer's mind!


Broke Bike Alley's business card doubles as a multi-purpose bike tool for adjusting bolts and spokes.


Many sites offer free business card templates, that allow you to customize and design them to your personal tastes. You have a lot of freedom in how you arrange the elements on your card as you make a visual representation of what you stand for as a creative.


The Best Design Principles To Follow:

1. If you are crafting your design through graphics editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop), ensure you have a grid layer in place so that everything lines up correctly
2. Keep your messaging away from the edges, at least 5mm
3. Ensure your font typeface is the right size - not too small and hard to read, and not too big that it takes focus away
4. Use 300dpi for the best image quality, which will help in the printing process (which should also be done in CMYK)


Here are some more of our favorite, more unusual business cards!

This divorce lawyer business card can be torn in half, representing the division of assets many couples face in the process.
This person's business card is modeled after your standard Google home screen, but instead of being employed by the company, he is using his name as a mark of quality for people to search and see the results for themselves.
An artist's business card that transformers into a mini art easel, complete with one of their signature works makes for a great reminder.
A rare interactive business card for an interactive designer that slides between different areas.
A unique approach to marketing one self, as instead of paper the person's contact info has been printed on a household sponge used for cleaning.
A unique form of handing out contact info especially to those who like sugar with their coffee...just make sure you don't rip it in half or throw it out!

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