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Making the Most of Holiday Postcard Marketing

The year is beginning to come to a close, and with that the holiday season is underway! At this time, many businesses have initiated their holiday promotional strategies and marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to utilize this time of year and print is with holiday postcards, which can be used both from a professional standpoint in notifying customers about special deals and sales, or from a personal basis with sending them to friends, family, and other important people in your life.


The holiday season has always made for a great way to reconnect with those who routinely make a difference to you, giving you the chance to demonstrate how appreciative you are for the things they have done for you.

Here are some great reasons why sending holiday postcards this season makes for a great initiative.



One of the greatest advantages about any postcard campaign or mass mailing is that it doesn't cost much to send them along with postage, compared to other forms of print mail. The higher the quantity of your order, the lower the cost per unit, which leads to higher savings for you! You also won't need an envelope, another cost saved, ensuring your message is seen instantly by the recipient.


Holiday postcards can be a great means to show appreciation out of sheer simplicity. Writing in thoughtful, sincere messages thanking the recipient for their role in your life can end up going a long way. You can send a specific message to certain groups, or provide a more unique one for those extra-special people. While postcards are smaller than other forms of print and have less room for text, this can work to your benefit as those on your list will appreciate a short, sincere message.


Holiday postcards are great tools for driving people to your business from a marketing standpoint. They can augment your campaign by putting the messaging right in the recipient's hands, and let them know directly what you have to offer and why they should be enticed. Consider including a discount or freebie on the card itself on your products or services, as a secondary means to getting their attention.

There's no bad time to start your campaign but as you think about the holidays, you should be putting things into place sooner rather than later. Consumers are gearing up for big holiday spending and you need to be top of mind as they head out the door.
Give yourself at least two weeks of lead time from when you place your order to when you want each postcard to be in the hands of your audience. That's enough time for the printing process to take place, your mailing list to be organized, and your postcards to be delivered.
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