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7 Tips For Effective Holiday Cards

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Sending holiday cards to those around you is one of the most customary ways to spread joy throughout the season. Whether you want to show appreciation or stay in one's thoughts, holiday cards enable you to send the right message to those who matter most.

A simple gesture that goes a long way in strengthening relationships, you can't afford not to send them. You also can't afford to send simple, generic designs, especially if you want to show people you care. For your benefit, we at eprintfast have listed some important holiday card strategies to take hold of. Check them out below!

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Go against the grain with high quality resources

Holiday cards account for 25% of the industry's annual sales, with an average of $1.6 billion being purchased in-store. With such an overwhelming figure, it's no wonder that your average, run-of-the-mill card won't do.

Don't overlook the materials being used - when something makes us feel nicer we automatically place more value onto it. Using a higher quality paper stock or premium print techniques are an excellent way to add value this way.

Make a list, and check it twice

Before you set out on your holiday card goals, the best practice is to plan out who will be receiving them from you. It’s easy to order a certain amount and think you’re prepared, but without an exact, defined number in mind, you’re liable to find that it’s not enough. Make sure to draw up a list of everyone you plan to wish holiday greetings toward, and keep that list handy for your own personal reference.

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Try to not leave anyone out

It can be extremely awkward when after sending cards out, that one person you forgot about asks you directly why they weren’t included. If you like that person and they're likely to see your card somewhere other than their mailbox, it might as well be a good idea to send them one too, so as to not draw any ire from them.

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Personalize wherever possible

84% of people are more likely to open a piece of mail if it's been personalized towards their liking. Of course, the prospect of individually handwriting card after card is daunting, especially if you have a long list of recipients. A great way to overcome this is by segmenting your list by utilizing a different type of messaging for various groups of people, such as family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Beyond text, you can also personalize with imagery - try to see if you have any photos taken in the past year that will rekindle fond memories of good times they’ve shared with you to really make your card exceptional.

Keep your greetings simple

Whatever text you use in your card, ensure it reflects your personality and what you intend to project from an emotional standpoint. Don’t get too bogged down with being original, as common sentiments and sayings of the holiday season will undoubtedly suffice.

Envelopes are very important

A perfect holiday card may never be seen if it's encased in a standard, boring envelope. Too often, envelopes are considered as afterthoughts, and seen merely as a vessel for the message being sent. However, they should be given equal importance as the greeting card itself, as another way to stand out via a first impression. This is another great way to add a touch of personalization via handwriting the recipient's name on the front, ensuring that specialized connection from the initial point of contact.

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Get them done early

When it comes to holiday greeting cards, the early bird gets the worm, so to speak. Once December rolls around, most people will be receiving multiple cards at an immense rate, and yours may be lost in the shuffle. On top of that, if your card is sent out too late, it may get to your recipient after they've left for mid-to-late vacation season. Be sure to have your cards out in the mail by December 15th at the very latest.

Thank you for reading through our tips! If you have any other suggestions for holiday cards, be sure to share your thoughts in our comment selection below, and don't forget to check out the various holiday cards and products that eprintfast has in store for you!

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