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Here's How to Make the Most of the Fall Real Estate Market

The end of summer is upon us, as the temperature continues to drop and we move into the crisp, leaf-strewn time of year known as fall. For many real estate agents and brokers, the fall real estate market is a short period of time, but one with a lot of potential for those who prepare wisely. Here are our tips on the best fall real estate market practices to take hold of.

Selling a house in the fall has its benefits over the spring or summer, when the market is a lot busier and congested. Fall buyers and sellers are driven more to reach an outcome sooner rather than later, unlike spring window-shoppers, benefit from a broad selection of homes. On average, the number of homes sold on the market is not as abundant as in May or June, and with less conflict, there is a better chance of your listing finding a buyer or even selling for a high price. There is a good chance that your showings won't bring a high volume of prospective viewers, but those who do show up will be more inclined and serious about making an offer. Additionally, selling a house toward the end of the year allows for the possibility of arranging a delayed closing warranty or extension request.

Organize a Plan

It's good to know as much as possible about your clients, to outfit the ways in which you will appeal to their interests. Make a chart of your clients, organized by demographics and interests, and use the most common data to hone in on the strategy you will later devise in terms of targeting. Starting with this  action before anything else will help for devising ideas to implement over the ensuing weeks, and be a helpful resource for later.


Special Decorations for Open Houses

Make your open houses feel like a creative, idyllic display of the best things about fall. From the outdoor walkway and foyer to the main living area, consider placing various decorative touches from wreaths, scented candles, and lighting displays to make your guests feel fully immersed in the fall spirit. These enchanting items can leave a lasting impression on the properties they are bestowed upon, and make for a great photo opportunity that can be captured and sent out in year-round listings.

Seasonal Thank You Cards

Whether celebrating Thanksgiving, Halloween or even the changeover into Daylight Savings Time, seasonal thank you cards are a way to reinforce your brand in the minds of your clients. They are relatively inexpensive, but one with boundless potential to pay off when used correctly. Include a small gift or seasonal sweet as a thoughtful touch, and provide an your business card with each one sent out.

Participate in Community Events

Research upcoming happenings in the area around you to see about any opportunities for meeting potential clients while displaying your own community spirit. From neighborhood yard sales to food banks and marathons, there are always chances to make your mark on familiar clients and new ones too. Not only will this enhance your awareness in the local market, it can demonstrate initiative as a sharing, caring, individual.

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