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Get Ready for Valentine's Day With Our Photo Cards!

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show not just your family, friends, or partner some love, but also your customers. Showing gratitude is one of the best ways to build customer relationships. Celebrate your customers and Valentine's Day by sending customized Valentine cards. Read on for some great Valentine's Day card tips.
Sending customized Valentine's Day cards will really personalize the customer experience. It's fairly common for businesses to send cards at Christmas, but how many send cards during Valentine's Day? When you send cards during this time, your business will really stand out amongst the crowd. February can be a slow month for many businesses, so consider this as an effective strategy to remind customers about you, as well as keep your business top of mind for their needs.
Now that we've given you some good reasons to send Valentine's cards, here are the next steps you can take: 

Decide on Your Message

Although Valentine's Day cards are marketing tools, you don't want your customers to think you're trying to make a sale, so keep the sales talk to a minimum. A card disguised as a sales pitch doesn’t feel special. The key is to make sure your customer feels thought of. Thank them for their business, and let them know you look forward to hearing from them soon. Use this opportunity to tell customers that they are very appreciated.

Add Personal Touches

Consider handwriting your messages if the time permits. Handwritten cards really stand out, especially in this age of emails and impersonal communication. This special touch will make your cards feel more intimate. Even just handwriting the customer name and your signature will make the card feel more personal.

Include a Gift

To bring your Valentine card up to the next level, include a little gift for your customers. Thank them for their continued patronage by offering a discount or coupon with the card. Or to keep on the Valentine's Day trend, include a piece of candy or chocolate in the envelope. 

Custom Print

Consider custom printing your Valentine cards. Doing so will allow you to customize the message inside. A custom printed card allows creative freedom to reflect your brand in the design. Add your business details on the back of the card (this includes address, phone number and social media handles) to lead customers back to you. Custom printing is an inexpensive way to make a BIG impact.

Follow Up

Once you've sent your cards, follow up with your customers to ensure that they've received them.

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