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  • How to Design Eye-Catching Business Cards

    Putting a lot of thought into the way your business card looks and presents vital information is essential in making a surefire impression with potential clients. The majority of business cards use the same white card stock and lettering, so why not try and stand out from the pack by undertaking a different approach, that will really make yourself memorable?
    How To's Graphic Design Business Cards Design Templates

  • Product of the Month: Booklets

    One of our featured products this month are our Booklets. Booklets are versatile print products thatare excellent for multi-page materials - such as catalogues, magazines, menus and manuals. Read on to learn more about booklet printing and for tips on how to print a booklet. As mentioned above, booklets can...
    Insider Graphic Design Booklets

  • eprintfast: New Template Roundup!

    You asked and we’re delivering! Recently, we conducted a survey among our customers to learn what they were looking for when ordering from eprintfast. One major request we heard was for more design template choices, so we’ve made it our goal to provide more templates than ever before! Here are...
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  • Design Your Own Business Card!

    We've all been there; You want to have professional business cards but you need to stay on budget. Sometimes it's just not feasible to hire a graphic or branding designer and we understand that. Lucky for you, we have just the solution - eprintfast's Online Designer Tool!You can make your...
    How To's Insider Graphic Design Business Cards

  • Get Inspired! Best Quotes about Print and Design

    So you're prepared to printmarketing material to launch a new product or to promote a special offer. But you need a little inspiration for your designs. The great designer, Mr. Massimo Vignelli, said it best: "If you do it right, it will last forever." Your print products will make a...
    Graphic Design Quotes

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