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Adding Vinyl Banners To Your Marketing Mix

As we move into the spring and summer months, a time when more people are going outside and attending events in their surrounding area, it’s a perfect time to add banners to your marketing assets. If you have an upcoming convention, conference, tradeshow, or other type of community event where you plan to showcase your business, a banner is a fantastic way to capture the attention of those who may be in need of your services. A large, colorful, eye-catching banner can immediately let people know about your business, what you offer, as well as where they can contact you.


The best aspect about a vinyl banner is that it holds an amazing degree of versatility. Vinyl banners are perfect for being displayed outdoors at this time of year (the most applicable material to use for this purpose), but it can also be used indoors if you are looking for something with long lasting appeal. Regardless, vinyl banners can withstand tough weather conditions, are available in a number of different sizes and dimensions, and are fairly easy to hang and set up.


When your banners are not being used, they can be rolled up and stored - taking up a very minimal amount of space. Ensure that they are not being folded so as to not leave a crease mark in the material. It is fairly simple to keep them clean and looked after; consider storing your banners in a tube so that they do not attract or accumulate dust. By taking these measures, your banners can last for years and years without sustaining too much damage.

There are two primary finishing options for vinyl banners: glossy, and matte. Glossy is a more common format, though it is not always the preferred option. Many people believe matte is best for indoor use while glossy should be relegated to outdoors, but this rule is not always right 100% of the time.


A glossy finish gives vinyl banners a bright sense of color that stands out and can be enhanced depending on lighting conditions. This helps to make the information listed on banners viewable from a far away distance, making it the best choice for larger banner sizes. Glossy banners can also be used for indoor displays where light sources aren’t directly impending on the material.


Conversely, a matte finish does not have to worry about glare from light sources, making them ideal for indoor use. Matte finish banners are most commonly seen at conventions and trade shows for this very reason, and are considerably more preferred especially for dealing with bright flashes emitting from light sources such as a camera or other recording equipment.


Whether you’re using it for your business or just for yourself, Vinyl banners will attract everyone to your booth or stand, and make for a fantastic addition to your marketing efforts.

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